Printable Weekly Planners

Free Printable Weekly Menu Planners

Design Finch has created many free adorable, fun weekly meal planners to get you motivated to save money. Years ago, I started with a friendly free printout like this (okay not so colorful and fun, though). Then I went to a magnetic yearly pad from a craft store.

Did you know a meal planner can:

  • keep you from eating out as frequently
  • help you save money in the long run
  • remind you when to remove your freezer items and place them in your thawing box (highlight those items on your planner)
  • help you shop once a week IF you have an extensive grocery list (that’s where you can really save $)
  • informs your family “what’s for dinner?” (they can easily identify on the refrigerator)
  • helps you with the harried meal hour b/c you have a plan
So what’s stopping you from printing these free plans to get you started? Click here to go to their site. What would you fill in the blanks? I’m thinking freezer food…shop your freezer inventory (printable here) to plan your weekly meals like I do.


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