Plugged into the Powersource

Car Alternator

I had a new alternator in my trunk.  Every gauge on my dashboard registered zero and my battery was less than a quarter full before the lights went off. I began to pray for the remaining three miles home. Fearing the worst, I turned onto our street and drove up the hill. It died just before I reached the driveway.  God answered my prayers as I put the vehicle in neutral and coasted backward into our yard.

I learned something new about cars. The alternator is the source of power for the battery and it keeps my Suburban running. When the warning sign alerts-battery not charging-you should check on the alternator-right away-not the next day.

I am much like an alternator. To be an effective, Godly wife and mother, my battery needs to be charged, too.   In the past three years, I’ve had two babies. Sleepless nights and motherhood have taken a toll on my quiet time, but as my babies grew into a sleeping pattern, my patterns changed as well. I enjoyed the extra sleep and as a result, I stopped meeting with God. The hour set aside for God had dwindled into a five minute devotion.

My relationship with God wasn’t the same. I wasn’t reading my Bible enough and my actions reflected it. Recently, God has reminded me the importance of spending time in His Word. The more time I spend with Him, I yearn for Him. It’s just like old times waking up to savor the intimate moments with Him, and not being interrupted by five others in the household.

God is what helps us operate effectively. Whether at work or at home, spending enough time with the Lord is vital. The next time you catch yourself thinking or doing something you’re not proud of, ask yourself, “Have I been plugged into God long enough?”  “Have I taken time to allow His Word to speak?” Perhaps like me, you need a gentle reminder. Without an alternator, you’ll be stranded on the side of the road. You can also be high and dry without God’s Word.

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