Pizza Party Tips and Recipes

Are you looking for a frugal way to feed a crowd or army? I’m convinced homemade pizza is a delicious, easy and cost effective way to host a huge crowd. We recently hosted 28 people with 6 pizzas. Homemade pizza is not only healthier, but it’s a cool way to offer many options and wow your guests. In fact, my sister-in-law asked where we ordered our pizza from while she was eating it.

Here are some friendly tips for your next pizza party whether big or small:

1. Calculate the number of pizzas you need by averaging 2 slices per adult.  Multiply the number of adults times the number of slices needed. There’s an average of 10 slices in each large pizza. Divide the number of slices needed by 10 and that’s the number of pizzas you need. Always go over and not under because everyone loves homemade pizza and leftovers are freezable. i.e. 28 adults times 2 equals 56 slices divided by 10 equals more than five pizzas. Five and a half pizzas which is two of my three pie kits :) Easy with leftovers.
2. Prepare an easy homemade crust (I always use my no-rise whole wheat crust made with half white whole wheat and half unbleached)

3. Offer lots of creative topping choices (I always make a cheese and pepperoni, cheese only, vegetarian and pineapple and pepperoni is a big hit) How about a chicken ranch pizza?
4. Use a great tasting pizza sauce (I always make my frugal pizza sauce made from tomato paste on the whim
5. Bake pizzas using both racks (I use my oven like it were a conventional, but I watch the top pizzas closely toward the end and bake the bottom ones longer if necessary)
6. Extra toppings mean longer baking time (add about five extra minutes to the baking time when you’ve loaded your pizza with lots of toppings; it’s worth the wait)
7. Lay a piece of foil across the cheese if it is browning too quickly and the middle is not done.
8. Pizza stones make a great crust and keep it warm for a while (pick up extras at thrift stores, Goodwill or garage sales)
9. Bake on parchment paper when you don’t have enough stones or pans. (The parchment paper bakes much faster than stones; reduce time five to seven minutes) I use a pizza paddle (about $8) to slide parchment paper in oven or you can use another cookie sheet to support

10. Offer sides or snacks to fill in the gaps. A homemade salad with homemade Greek or Ranch dressing is a nice choice. You can always throw in healthy chips or nuts, etc.

Our birthday party for 28 included 5 large pizzas, cheesy bread sticks like Pizza Hut with extra dipping pizza sauce, salad and two ice cream cakes and punch.
If you plan accordingly, your guests at your next party may ask you where you ordered your pizza from! Do you have any great tips to share?
What would your pizza party look like?


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