Pizza Bagel Bites Lunchable

I’ve made mini-bagel bites with the usual pizza toppings for years for my kid’s lunch boxes. Instead of buying the pizza kit lunchables, I make my own using wholesome ingredients like mini-whole wheat bagels, turkey pepperoni, homemade pizza sauce and mozzarella cheese. I start by toasting the bagel first and then topping with the ingredients. I allow them to cool for about five minutes and stick them in a reusable gladware or divided tupperware container along with a homemade treat and fruit or vegetable. This is my version of a pizza; a whole lot cheaper and healthier.

Recently, I found mini sandwich thins at Sams and I followed the same principle above to make pizza sandwich bites.

P.S. This doesn’t have to be a lunch box treat, it can be an quick home treat!

 You can always go the uncooked version, like the original Pizza lunchables and separate the items in a divided container and allow the kids to top their own pizza. However, the cheese isn’t melted and doesn’t stick quite as well. Some adults and kids prefer cold pizza.

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Other pizza ideas include:

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What’s your favorite item to pack in your child’s lunch box?

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