Pirate Party {Easy food and activities}

caleb 5Are you looking for some pirate party ideas? I found some fantastic ideas and free printables via Pinterest and I ran with them. I’m sharing our son’s five-year-old celebration with a few of my own frugal twists and easy party food on a budget.

Oh how I wished I had my Canon Rebel to show you better details and higher quality pictures, but I’m just thankful I had some memories. I’m planning to replace my stolen camera this month :)

Party Decorations:

I made this adorable pirate banner using my own printer and store-bought card stock. It costs a whopping $3.45 because I already had the ribbon on hand. There’s a better picture at the download here. It really is worth the extra time to make this custom banner. Wal-mart carried pirate napkins and I used small red plates and the coordinating pirate cups. I also bought some striped straws from ebay.

I found the pirate material at Wal-Mart for $1.22 a yard. I bought enough to cover the table and make a dozen small bandanas. We used black streamers and red balloons and hung them from the ceiling.

Party Food:

Our menu consisted of blue Hawaiian punch with Swedish fish. {This was in the lot of treats which we purchased for the pinata}. In retrospect, I would freeze a few fish in ice cubes to let them float in the punch rather than sinking to the bottom like they did. I made fruit kabobs from pineapple {.99}, strawberries {1.19} and cantaloupe {.99) at Aldi. It turned out to be a steal. The pinwheels were spread with softened cream cheese, sliced turkey, spinach leaves and thinly sliced tomatoes on a tortilla. I secured the pinwheels with a toothpick. We also made smoked sausage because it’s a treat for my son. I used .99 sword toothpicks for easy pick up. There were regular potato chips and tortilla chips along with homemade guacamole. I couldn’t pass up .25 avocados at Aldi last week. The all time favorite gold fish went well with the theme.

Buried Treasure Cupcakes

The cupcakes were easily made from home using a store-bought cake mix. I prefer the pudding mix kind over all the others. They usually  call for real butter which adds a nice touch. Here’s my secret ingredient: a chopped candy bar. I used a snack size milky way cut in half, but any would work. Simply prepare the cupcake mix and place a small scoop in each liner and insert the chunk of candy bar and top with a little more batter. Voila, your guests will rave and think you bought them from a bakery. I’ve always had compliments on such an easy cupcake I never buy them. I topped my cup cakes with cream cheese frosting piped from a decorative tip and inserted our pirate toppers here.

Party Favors

We had a few odds and ends for favors like bubbles, the noise makers and my son made his own painted pirate rocks. My husband and son went on an adventure rock hunt near a creek to pick up smooth rocks for this project. We intended to make them look grand like the books, but my son took over and they were precious with his own faces. We used leftover scraps to hot glue on the top.

I splurged and bought a $12 pirate pinata and $8 worth of miscellaneous candy at Wal-Mart because little man wanted one. I ordered 12 telescopes for $5 and 12 felt eye patches from ebay.

The candy was collected in clear cellophane bags with the painted rock and telescope that were their favors.

Party Games

  • Pirate Pirate where’s your gold? Somebody took it from your ship {Like Doggy, doggy where’s your bone}
  • Pirate Jump {jumping on the trampoline}

  •  Walk the Plank {board across tree stumps}
  • Pop the Canon balls {kids try to pop their black balloon}
  • Birthday Square {Birthday child tries to keep the balloons in while others are trying to take them out}. We used painters tape to mark off a square in our LR.
  • Pass the Parrot {Like Hot Potato with music}
  • Parrot, Parrot, Pirate {Like Duck, Duck, Goose}

Are you ready for your next pirate party? Arrrrr

Thanks for partying with us!

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