Pintos and Cheese

I realize my college days are over, but I still like my pintos and cheese. My husband and I (dating back then) would swing by Taco Bell and grab the .69 pintos and cheese along with a .69 soft taco. Those were the days, ha;) Now that I have more mature taste buds and a whole foods palette, I’m making my home version of pintos and cheese very frugal and delicious. And of course it comes from the freezer!

Let me share the quick method using cooked, frozen, thawed 24 hours pintos. I have quart size bags stashed away for this pinto and cheese occasion. I take a partially frozen bag of pintos and empty into a microwave safe container.

Microwave the beans on 70% power for about five to ten minutes depending if they are fully thawed or not. You want the beans hot.

Then top with salsa and shredded cheddar cheese. You can make individual or one family bowl of pintos and cheese if you like. Microwave on high for another two minutes or until hot and bubbly. Add a dash of hot sauce before serving if you like. We like to eat ours with tortilla chips as a bean dip or a side dish with chicken fajitas. Enjoy a home version of pintos and cheese, probably less than .69 a serving.

Need a tutorial how to cook dried beans? Click here and follow the easy freezer bagging tips.

What’s your favorite way to serve pinto beans?


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