Pesto Uses at the Steadfast Home

Turn drab to FAB with pesto! I turn an ordinary can of crushed tomatoes into a fabulous, flavorful pizza sauce with a few of these vibrant green pesto cubes straight from the freezer. Click here for the recipe I used this summer with an freshly picked bouquet of basil from a local farm just down the road.

I made three of the largest chicken pesto pizzas you’ve ever seen. Correction: The four special helpers in the kitchen were stirring, giggling, pouring and patting the no-rise pizza dough crust found here.

What did we cook together? Two chicken pesto pizzas, one cheese pizza and two large tossed salads. Mix in a line of smiling homeless women and children smelling the aroma of pesto and four well- floured children and we call it a successful night of serving others!

Local Asheville moms and children are invited  the second Tuesday of every month to join our mission: feeding our families while serving the poor and needy. Visit Cook and Play to see our monthly menu and how you can help.

Here’s are some more pesto ideas from the Pioneer Woman to further salivate your mouth:

Use it as a pizza sauce: just spread it on the pizza crust as you would regular pizza sauce. I’ve done this with my flatbread pizza recipe. YUMMY!

Stir it into quiche filling. I have a spinach quiche recipe I can’t wait to try this in…a generous tablespoon of pesto completely transforms it.

Mix it with heavy cream and pour it over pasta and fresh tomatoes. Mmmm, using thawed  frozen pasta and hot sauce, gives me a meal in 15 minutes or less.

Stir it into a chicken pasta salad: bowtie pasta, chicken chunks, lima beans, peas, carrots, corn, with a mayo/sour cream/half-and-half dressing. (This sounds scrumptious and interesting using frozen boiled shredded chicken)

Mix it with mayonnaise for a perfect panini spread. Grilled chicken. Tomato slices. Chopped olives. Pesto mayonnaise. And I’m trying this as soon as I re-stock my grilled convenience chicken.

Add a generous amount to the crock pot marinara sauce for  chicken parmesan. I add four or 5 frozen cubes. And I must make my chicken parmesan freezer recipe quickly.


Do you have any pesto on hand?

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