Pesto Focaccia is freezer friendly

Freezer pesto plus an easy dough recipe equals pesto foccacia. I’m tasting a little bit of Italy when I bite into this tomato sandwich made with heirloom tomatoes and freezer focaccia.

I start with the Artisan bread dough I make in 5 minutes in a plastic shoe box. The recipe is found here. It rests on the counter for 2 hours and then goes to my refrigerator to make this bread the next day OR I can use the no rise whole wheat pizza crust recipe found here. Either bread dough works well for focaccia. I begin by patting the dough on a greased cookie sheet with floured hands. I make two pans with either recipe.

Then I spread the desired amount of freezer pesto (thawed for 24 hours) on top of the dough. Pesto recipe found here.

Bake at 450 for 15 to 20 minutes until golden brown.

Slice into serving squares. Cool on a cooling rack for an hour and bag in a gallon size freezer bag for future sandwiches, Italian meals or snacking. This could be used a pizza crust base. Slice in half for a thin crust pizza.

Thaw 2 to 4 hours on the countertop at room temperature prior to serving. Slice open and top with your favorite meat, cheese or tomato. I’m in love with heirloom tomatoes this summer.

What would you layer inside this scrumptious focaccia?

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