Pepperoni and Veggie Stromboli (Freezer Friendly)


Just a few days ago I was at the mall admiring my daughter’s pepperoni Stromboli. She looked me right in the eye and asked why I never made Stromboli at home. Really? I make three pizzas at least every other week was my reply. My teenager reminds me that Stromboli is different without any sauce inside and you have the pleasure of dipping it on the side. Note to self: Make Stromboli when we return home.
Yes, I am glad I made it again using my popular grilled calzone crust recipe. The only difference was the cooking method and shaping of two huge Stromboli. I absolutely loved the veggie version. You can see why below. It’s packed full of garden freshness.

Both of my daughters indulged in the pepperoni Stromboli with the dipping sauce on the side. See why?


In case you’ve never tried Stromboli, it is different from pizza though it has the same exact ingredients. I’ll agree with the teenager, it is fun and sassy to plunge your warm slices into thick yummy marinara sauce.

Guess what? No leftovers for the freezer!


Click here for the tutorial I made in 2011. Yes, teenager daughter, I have made these before. I just needed a little nudge to make them again and revise my pictures. I am so glad I did.

Have you made homemade Stromboli before? Warning, double the recipe and freeze extra!

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