Parfaits made from crock pot yogurt

Choose your favorite fruit and make a homemade parfait.

What is a parfait? A delicious creamy dessert, in my opinion. Actually at the Brown house, it’s a breakfast treat layered with homemade crock pot yogurt, fresh or frozen fruit and homemade granola when we have it (we substitute plain cheerios when we don’t). No matter what fruit or cereal I use, my tween daughter licks her bowl and spoon “well” after she’s done.

This is an easy healthy protein packed breakfast if you’re looking for a new option to throw in your morning routine. Try out seasonal fruit for more bang for your buck and give my homemade crock pot yogurt a try. It’s actually very easy.

If you’re not up to making your own homemade yogurt, try Greek yogurt and go for the plain if  you can (less sugar). You can always add honey or raw sugar to your parfait to sweeten it. Also, give my homemade granola a whirl sometime. It’s easy too.

This is much better breakfast option than a high sugar commercial cereal with milk. Taking a few “homemade” baby steps is much easier than jumping into healthy eating all at once.

What kind of healthy switches have you made with your breakfast lately?

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