Packing Leftovers takes 5 minutes

leftover tacos (guacamole and salsa packed separately)

I pack my husband’s lunch every day. Right after we eat (we just ate 5 minute tacos), while the food is still out, I will get out my to go dishes and pack his lunch. I’m trying to use glass or pyrex because it’s healthier to reheat food in. I used to use all gladware and I will continue to use it for cold items or condiments. David saves $3 a day by packing his lunch from home and that, my friend, is $15 a week, which is equivalent to a parent’s night out date, at our church. It’s worth the extra five minutes to save $540 a year (He has 180 days of teaching school). I also pack my kid’s lunches four days out of the week. They eat as a treat one day during the week. I’ll be sharing what I pack them for lunch very soon.

Do you pack your lunches at your house? What are you packing?

Try packing your leftovers for lunch this year and start calculating your savings. You can implement another date night with the money you save or buy a ”want” item or give to charity; the options are endless.

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