Packing Frozen Ministry Meals (Using Cooling Racks)

Before I give ministry meals to family, friends, colleagues or neighbors.  I double check a few must have items:

  • A card sharing my prayers over the loved one
  • Well wrapped frozen meals in disposable pans (wrapped in heavy duty foil or double wrapped in regular foil)
  • Directions clearly written with a sharpie marker
  • Cooling rack between meals to keep them from nestling inside one another (very important if the food is fresh instead of frozen). A simple dollar tree cooling rack separates the two meals and helps them to stack. Flimsy chopping boards work just as well.

This “cooling rack” stacking method works well if you’re attending a Cook and Play and taking home multiple freezer meals in your cooler.

Wondering what two ministry meals I’m packing? Ham and cheese pinwheels and  No Boil Mexican Manicotti for a dear friend having a surgery. I can make the meals and deliver at my convenience and she can bake and eat at her convenience. I love freezer cooking.
What’s your best ministry meal tip?



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  1. deb in sc

    could you send me a link to where you explain how to easily cook large quantities of ground beef (like you make the shredded chicken)?

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