Oven is Hot and Ready-Double Duty


Okay so I triple duty my oven use. Today I baked two loaves of Artisan bread,which I absolutely LOVE because I mix in in 5 minutes in a shoe box, let it rise for 2 hours on my counter, stick it in my fridge and bake it whenever I want. Today I wanted to bake fresh bread and the dough was ready. Read more about the specifics here.


I never like to waste an ounce of space in my oven. While I have it hot and ready, I like to put other items in there to bake. Today, I baked potatoes while my no boil manicotti was baking for an hour. It works out perfectly. Bake at 400 for one hour. Potatoes will be done in one hour (I’ll probably check the smaller ones before then. By the way, got a great buy on a 5 # discount bag of organic potatoes below. I’m planning to cool, shred and freeze these potatoes for hashbrown casserole (check back for the recipe) Always be on the look out for discount produce, yikes, especially with rising gas and grocery prices. Have you noticed a difference in the prices yet?


I’m also going to sneak my halved butternut squash for frozen baby food in toward the last thirty minutes of baking time. I told you I like to maximize my oven space.


How about you? Do you do double duty with your oven?

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