One Potato, Two Potato, Three Thousand Potatoes

I  have never seen this amount of potatoes ever. I walked into Manna Food Bank thinking we would be finished filling bags of potatoes in no time. Besides, there were about thirty-five to forty volunteers. Instead, I was greeted by the enormous bags of potatoes and an endless supply of mesh bags. What an amazing sight to see so much food for the needy. At least in my mind I could envision every kind of potato meal possible. While the potatoes were not the freshest, we had the fun task of weeding through them all and throwing out the mushy ones. My group of four to six people quickly filled a trash can and the fork lifter told us we had thrown out approximately 250 pounds. Now that’s perspective when you consider we only brushed the surface of the potatoes and you could hardly tell we had been working after an hour.

I didn’t get the final count or pounds of how many potatoes we had prepared for the needy that day, but it didn’t matter. We had the privilege of carrying out one of God’s commands: opening our arms to the poor and extending our hands to the needy {Proverbs 31:20}. Did you know this is one of my key verses for my mission?

I loved sharing my mission with the ladies from another church and giving them recipe ideas for potatoes. Yes, it was all about freezing and preserving potatoes, but they enjoyed it. I felt like Forest Gump sharing his favorite shrimp recipes.
It’s my prayer that we all have an opportunity to serve, prep or cook for the needy some time in our busy lives. It’s such a blessing and an opportunity shine our light to others. Though they’ll never know who bagged their potatoes, it was done with love and compassion and prayers for their future. I hope you’ll prayerfully consider potatoes OR any other endeavor the Manna Food Bank might give you :)

Do you have a Manna Food Bank or other local food charity in your area? Where have you served that  is child  or family friendly? We’d love to hear your feedback for others to brainstorm ideas for serving.

Just in case you still feel like potatoes, here’s some of my favorite recipes I shared with others:

Crock pot loaded potato soup

cheesy potato skins

DIY Restaurant potatoes

Twice Baked Potatoes


Crock Pot Potatoes

 Happy Potato Day, everyone!


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