New Year with a Few New Things

My New Year has started with a flurry of new items I love. My mother-in-law gifted me with this aroma diffuser. I can change colors and she bought me an assortment of essential oils to try. The peppermint was perfect for my cold this week and the timer and six colors to choose from are wonderful. This has been my favorite birthday gift from her so far!

It’s very rare for me to buy brand new items because I am quite frugal. However, on a rare occasion like my birthday or Christmas, I splurge and buy something new. This year I carefully researched a few items and found some that I have loved so far.


I’m enjoying this make-up palette that I ordered from Amazon when my teenage daughter requested an Urban Decay palette. Of course, I couldn’t stomach a forty-dollar eye-makeup for one, but I splurged on two of these for less than $7 before Christmas. I am loving these colors and it sure is a great price.

I also sought out a new foundation for a new year and found this one.

Oh how I love how light this feels and coverage is awesome! The price is fabulous at $6. And I thought I would have to spend a fortune at the mall looking for something that would meet my needs this year.

I also had my eye on this pioneer woman mixing bowl ever since it came out.

The Pioneer Woman Flea Market 2.83-Quart Batter Bowl with Decal, Red Polkadot

It’s so pretty and happy and I love mixing in it. I’m leaving it out as an everyday decor item in my kitchen because I’m using it nearly everyday. I’ve had a set of plain white ones for 21 years so this one is quite fun! I consider it a splurge for $20 at, but it was a present I chose with birthday money.

And the other present I chose myself was a kitchen gadget. I’m a sucker for all handy dandy kitchen tools and gadgets. Yes, I’m a true foodie and I’ve had my eye on this dual breakfast sandwich maker. My husband and I rise and shine at 5:30 on school mornings and don’t eat lunch until 11:30 or 12. It’s been 1:00 this week during exams! We like to eat a hearty breakfast and I’ve been looking for one a Goodwill, but they’re fairly new and I haven’t seen one yet.


Refurbished Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

However, I found a dual refurbished one with the same warranty for only $1 more than a single one on Seriously, I was excited. So far, I’ve used whole wheat muffins, farm fresh eggs, Parmesan and our make ahead vegetables that we typically use on omelets. Oh yummy, is all I have to say. I can’t wait to try other items each week. I’ll keep you posted. I noticed there’s been a further decrease in price on the refurbished dual sandwich maker. It’s $24 which is less than a single maker.

I’ve got one last kitchen gadget to share with you. I was extremely blessed to find this $20 Euro Cuisine yogurt maker after the holidays at Goodwill. Guess what? It was $1, no joke. It had the manual inside and all the glass jars as good as new. I brought it home and it worked! I actually purchased a brand new one for my Foods class to use next semester and I had it on my to-do-list to test drive it at home before I used it in the classroom.

Instead, I’m blessed with a personal one for $1 and I now know how to use it. I’m happy to report it works fabulous, just as good as my crock pot method yielding less yogurt (one quart). It’s oh so convenient with the glass jars ready to refrigerate the next day. It is well worth the $1 spent and it would be worth the $20 price on Amazon if you eat a lot of yogurt like we do. I love having these reusable jars to pack in my school lunch box each day. It’s delicious with frozen fruit and a handful of my homemade granola.

Goodwill has a great assortment of kitchen tools/gadgets and small appliances for awesome prices, especially in the new year when families are clearing out their cabinets. I also cleared out a a box of items and then I acquired a few new ones, lol.


One last tip that I want to share with you. I always go through Ebates or Top Cash back to receive money back on my online purchases. I’ve been doing it for years and typically receive about $50 after the holidays for my online purchases. It’s so easy to click through and see which one offers the higher cash back amount.


This concludes my New Year presents and purchases that I am truly enjoying. I’m wondering if you are loving anything new and have you found an awesome deal lately? Please share with us!

This post contains affiliate links to ebates and topcashback for sharing reasons. All my opinions are my own about the products I have received as gifts and/or purchased myself. I am not an affiliated with the companies I purchased the products. I’m simply enjoying and loving them and wanted to share my opinions with you.

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