Nearly 2000 Manna Food Packs for Kids

photo 1

This weekend my boys and I were privileged to volunteer at Manna Food Bank packing nearly 200 Manna Food Packs for local kids in Buncombe County. What a way to give my kids a hands-on experience volunteering for kids their own age. When I say there are hungry kids in this town, eat your food, I can say it with a reassurance that we have experienced it first hand. By handling can food, bags of stuffing and granola bars, my kiddos have learned to help the hungry. These packs will be distributed to children’s backpacks on Fridays to keep them fed over the weekend. What a ministry Manna Food Bank is providing.

My six-year-old gets into his work.

photo 4He’s literally in the stuffing box.

photo 2


I love watching my sons eager to serve the Lord. I know He’s smiling from heaven saying, “Well done my good and faithful servants.”

If you want to share world hunger with your family, I encourage you to volunteer at a local food pantry during your busy season. It’s a perfect way for all of us to be reminded to be thankful for every good food God gives from heaven above. May God bless your Thanksgiving break.

Have you ever volunteered at Manna Food Bank?  

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