Nachos Grande


Do you have frozen, cooked taco meat for the freezer? You have the protein for a super easy meal in 5 minutes. There are endless kiddo and adult ideas for nachos.

Guess what? I didn’t have the taco meat thawed out either. It went straight from the freezer to an 8×8 microwave safe dish with lid and I nuked the meat on 50% power for three minutes. Then I microwaved on high for four to five minutes stirring in between. Once it was hot, I dalloped little areas on the bed of nachos with meat. Then I gave it a generous handful of shredded cheese. Next, I microwave for thirty seconds until the cheese starts to melt (don’t over do it-it will get hard). Then I added easy cheese sauce made in five  minutes while the meat is reheating.

Have you ever tried serving nachos as a main meal? I’m telling you making taco meat ahead of time can be a huge timesaver. Try it this month!

Topping ideas:

Layer ingredients on large plate. Warm in microwave oven or on a cookie sheet in the oven.

How would you load your nachos?

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