Why my Kids Are MegaFood Kids


I have a difficult time getting my four kiddos to eat their vegetables. In fact, I’ve been doing sneaky freezer cooking for years. I am thrilled to try MegaFood Kids Nutrient Booster Powders.

I’ve been pureeing spinach and carrots and adding them to soups, taco meats, sauces and smoothies for a long time. That’s why it’s awesome to have these concentrated jars of power vegetables ready to add to anything I want. I can’t think of a better way to have them take vitamins. The concentrated powder reminds me of a crushed vitamin pill.

There are three varieties:

  1. Kids Daily Multi (I used this first since my kiddos weren’t sick)
  2. Kids Daily Immune (I’m using this with my little guy and girl.)
  3. Kids Daily B-Central (I’m using this with my teenagers)

I simply started with the basic strawberry banana smoothie we always make, and add the small portion they recommend. I see how this powder could be beneficial for children who have difficulty swallowing. Simply mixed into anything, kids can’t taste it or tell.

smoothie1Whether it’s strawberry banana or banana chocolate peanut butter, this powder makes it so easy to feed my kiddos veggies from the farm.



Sometimes, I’ll add it frozen strawberries and frozen bananas and it has the consistency of a frosty.



You can’t go wrong with a frosty with vitamins and minerals.IMG_1472 I can add it to all our favorite foods, from sauces to soups without the work of cooking and/or pureeing vegetables. This is a brilliant idea!

marinara So far, no complaints from my best taste tester :)


I enjoyed sharing this innovative idea with my high school students on my Couger Kitchen blog since I promote farm to fork cooking.

So I’m curious, would you consider purchasing this MegaFood nutrient powder verses vitamins?

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