My Freezers: BEFORE

My Chest Freezer:


I’m going to be vulnerable today and crack open my freezer doors for you. People often ask me what my freezer looks like and today is the day I’m embarrassing myself. My chest freezer needs defrosting as you can tell above. I have a 5 cu. ft. GE Manual Defrost chest freezer from Sams Club. It’s been perfect for us, especially the size and cost.

It has one divider on the shallow side which creates a wide drop basket. It also came with another small wire basket to place on the left side, which I’m not using right now. As you can tell below, all my stuff is jumbled up, though I pretty much know what I have to meal plan.

Once I emptied my chest freezer in a cooler, I’m ready to tackle the quick defrost method, which I’ll address in tomorrow’s post.


My Side by Side Freezer:

I typically have things a little more organized (categorized) than this, but like all moms, I can get in a hurry and start throwing things any which way: potato soup, brown rice, pinto beans and Southwest wraps on the shelf below.

Organization has been on my to do list for at least three months. I even put it off during Christmas holidays when hubby was home. Who wants to defrost a freezer over Christmas, right?



For now, I want you to see I’m a REAL mom with a REAL disorganized freezer. Though it has a lot of food, it’s quite jumbled and messy, for better words. Frozen chicken broth with carrots for soup still on my plastic shoe box lid. Let’s see when did I stick these in the freezer? Time to remove the lid…

The grape juice spatter comes from the healthy grape juice popsicles we make above. Frozen whole ripe bananas our favorite banana bread when I have time. I’m going to organize these better. There’s one on every shelf! Mental note: start freezing convenience banana slices for smoothies.

You’ve toured both my freezers (mostly, left off a couple shelves) and see that I’m an avid freezer cook because I love to share my bounty with others. I love to be able to serve a complete meal on the whim without thinking. I love to cook for the homeless and needy. I love surprising a friend, neighbor, bus driver, cafeteria worker or relative with a sweet treat or bread, even if it’s just a couple muffins in a clear cellophane bag tied with a grosgrain ribbon with a hand written note.

How about you? Why do you freezer cook? If you don’t, how about praying about being the hands and feet of Christ.

She provide food for her family while providing for the poor and needy. Proverbs 31:15, 20

Tomorrow I’ll show you the quick thaw method I use, which takes about thirty minutes. Reorganization may take up to thirty minutes. We’ll call it a wrap in an hour and put closure on this cool chore and I do mean COOL, I have to wear gloves!

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