My favorite way to freeze Chicken Parmesan

With four kiddos, I’m all about putting dinner on the table quick. A mom once asked me during one of my classes, “How can I make chicken parmesan faster?” She explained the method of pounding, dipping, frying and making the sauce, etc. It certainly sounded like an hour long recipe. I was determined to find a quicker way to make it. Several months ago, I first tried baking my chicken parmesan and tweaking it to become a freezer cooking recipe, of course.

Needless to say, it was devoured by my family, all 16 breaded cutlets cooked and nearly ready to serve in my freezer. When chicken went on sale last week, I pounced on the opportunity to throw the recipe back into my bulk chicken plans. Once again, I made 16 cutlets with the tutorial here.

The key to a great crispy breading is the panko crumbs. I purchase the Japanese whole wheat style from our local Ingles. I like the all natural, Ians brand.

I decided to soak the chicken over night instead of an hour to see if I could achieve a juicer chicken, we’ll see. And I threw in a 1/2 cup of real grated parmesan cheese for more Italian flavor.

In the meantime, enjoy the recipe and think of all the recipes you could incorporate a homemade breaded chicken cutlet. Why, your kiddos might like it plain like an oversized chicken plank or cut into strips dipped in honey mustard.

How will you serve your chicken parmesan?


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