No Cook Ministry Meals For Others

My favorite ministry meal is freezer friendly, doesn’t require a bowl or spoon, cost less than $6 and takes less than 10 minutes to prepare without cooking. It used to be my secret recipe, but now the cat is out of the bag, since I shared it with our local news two months ago and several other websites. It’s the easiest way I can show I care to others.

My friend’s husband is having surgery this weekend and I wanted her to know I was thinking about her family. My way of showing I care is most often in the form of food, freezer food to be exact. I quickly made this pan of cheese manicotti and stuck in the freezer over night. I deliver it to church on Wednesday and she can cook it when ever she needs a break from the kitchen.

Click here for my No boil three cheese manicotti tutorial. P.S. A Mexican Manicotti is coming soon!

Here’s some friendly ministry meal freezer cooking tips:

  • Always give items away in a disposable pans. Foil the top with the contents and exact baking directions using a sharpie pen before freezing.
  • Add about 15 minutes on the final bake time if the food is frozen.
  • Think outside the casserole box and give soups, stews or breads in freezer bags. Pack in a cooler to transport. Share cooking directions on a separate note card if applicable.
  • Gallon storage bags  hold sides, such homemade tossed salads.
  • Frozen cookies, quick breads and muffins make a nice “thinking of you” gesture as well.
Here are some other “no cook” ministry recipes I’ve used as well:

Do you have any food giving tips?

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  1. Julie Stockman

    Giving food is typically my ministry as well. Thanks for the new ideas! I am so much better at tending to the needs of others in this way when I have ideas ready.

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