Monthly Sam’s Club Shopping List

If I don’t stick like super glue to my Sam’s list, the friendly cashier will ask for all of my money plus a membership upgrade. Anybody with me on this?

Here’s what our monthly list looks like:

The list is not too lengthy nor fancy. I can run in and out with my two oldest children within 15 minutes. I dove tail shopping with our monthly mission meal since we’re on that side of town.
I must confess it’s really hard to “stick” to the list when children ask for convenience items, but I bribe them with a slushy and we’re in and out in no time. The sample items are a temptation for many people. I walk right by them dragging my children away with their mouths half full;)
I’ve debated on keeping this membership since I buy so little and we’re buying more and more local meats and fruits and vegetables whenever possible. I’ve also taken up with Aldi comparison shopping and discovered many staple items like eggs, shredded cheese, tomato sauce and paste and pintos, etc. are just as cheap or cheaper.
It pays to do your math to see whether you really are saving money buying in bulk. Many coupon users say they come out cheaper using coupons buying in smaller quantities. I do agree if you have the time and gas to coupon, but our time is money too.
What are your repetitious items are you buying at Sams or other wholesale clubs? Do you feel as if you are getting a good deal buying in bulk?

11 thoughts on “Monthly Sam’s Club Shopping List

  1. Ana Maria S.

    I do like shopping at Sam’s Club. I stick to a list of items that I know are a great deal because I do coupon and get most groceries/toiletries/household items shopping at Bi-Lo, CVS, & Dollar General. At Sam’s Club I buy: chocolate chips, pure vanilla extract, cheese, reduced meat, kitchen trash bags, honey, some produce, applesauce, tuna fish, chunk chicken breast, meatballs, pizza, & distilled white vinegar. I know there are a few other things but these are the ones off the top of my head Most of these items last a LONG time so we really don’t go that often. In my opinion the membership is worth it to us as long I don’t go overboard shopping there, we are a family of 5 (and I love feeding extended family & friends), who doesn’t love all the free samples there?, the gas price there is one of the lowest, and finally the hot dog/drink combo there is AMAZNG! (cheap and delicious) I also shop a lot at Aldi now because their milk, fruit, and vegetable prices are fabulous!

  2. Sarah

    I buy almonds and whatever seasonl fruit is a good value (and Stacey’s Pita Chips when serving for a party). This month I bought walnuts, which I haven’t found for a good price anywhere. Must be a shortage. I used to buy much more but I have found it better to shop elsewhere.

  3. Christephi

    I’ve recently been taking advantage of the “Click & Pull” feature at Sam’s Club. I go on their website a day or two before I plan to go to the store, submit my order, and select my pick-up date/time. They pull what I want and have it set aside so that when I go in I can stop by the Customer Service desk, pay, pick up my order and be out the door without ever having to walk through the store! It’s *wonderful* and completely eliminates the tempting items: books! fun foods! etc. One of my kids has a peanut allergy, so even navigating samples can be tricky. Sometimes I’ll wait a minute or two while someone fetches my items that require refrigeration/freezing, but since they meet you right at the door, it’s not at all inconvenient! (OH! And they never ask me if I want to upgrade my membership!)

  4. Jora

    When we lived near an Aldi, it wasn’t worth it for me to have a Sam’s membership. (Though I might re-think that for tires and batteries now.)

  5. Jess

    I like your site and read all the time, but have never commented before. Thanks for your blog! It’s helped me be a better freezer cook.

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