Monogrammed Towels for $10

IMG_0676In the midst of school starting and remodeling our kitchen, my niece had a household shower over the weekend. Right in the middle of a table full of dishes, decor and curtain rods, I decided to monogram her black towels on her registry. I found some nice fluffy black towels at Wal-Mart. They have a collection of Better Homes and Gardens which are much more absorbent and plusher than the Mainstay Wal-Mart brand. I dusted of my sewing machine and grabbed my white embroidery thread.

I’m blessed to have a Babylock sewing machine with an embroidery attachment. I’ve had this machine for nearly thirteen years and I have used it countless times for personalized gifts. When I have an extra thirty minutes, I try to personalize as many items as possible.

I believe my niece looks happy were her chosen black towels personalized by Aunt Jackie.

Do you like to give personalized gifts?



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