Monday Night Bite: Potato, Peppers and Onion Kielbasa

IMG_0726In between the kitchen renovation, cheer mobile, baseball mom, high foods teacher taking an online course, wife and parent, I still have to be the meal planner on the weekend. Last Friday we had crock pot baked potatoes and I over planned on purpose. We had extra for Monday’s meal. Turkey kielbasa with peppers and onions. I like to saute this with cooked potatoes so it doesn’t take very long. Actually my husband prepared this meal. He sauteed everything including the fresh asparagus. It was totally delish. My motto is cook smarter, not harder. Cook lots of potatoes to feed our hungry crowd twice:)

I’m so thankful I plan meals and so grateful to have a husband who is willing to cook in the afternoon.

I’m supposing you wear many hats too. How do you plan meals around your craziness?


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