Ministry Meals in Minutes

Got an hour and half to do a little “no-cook” freezer prep with us?

Every month, we’re doing a little no-cookin’ at our church with gals who want to get dinner on the table in a flash. I create a $25 menu, usually four items, for us to make an take home. We call this Ministry Meals in Minutes because that is what it truly is. We are ministering to our husbands and children through healthy, whole foods for our freezer.

My hope is for you to gain ideas and plans from our monthly menus as you plan and organize your own freezer cooking. Feel free to do all or some of our menu items and ask questions if you have any. We love to join in the discussion via facebook. Like our page and we’ll talk freezer cooking.

Any or all of these menu items would be perfect to give to someone in need. I’m always thrilled when I find someone in our group making plans to give away his/her food to another. This month, one mom was dividing her menu items between two future moms who live out of town. It’s such a blessing to watch others bless.

Here’s a glance at our lineup from this month’s freezer cooking class. We made all this at church without a stove or oven. We did use a microwave for our granola and the sink for washing dishes.

Pictured above:

Have you ever done freezer cooking to bless another?

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