Menu Plan 12/27-1/1


Wow, we’ve had a lot of snow and fun at our house. Carissa is showing her teacher she is practicing her unicycle in the snow.

We did travel for Christmas so we had a couple of meals carry over from last week to this week. I’m stocking up on chicken and ground chuck this week at Ingles and guess where they’re going? To the freezer, of course! I’m planning on making meatballs, Asian chicken and maybe something different for the new year; I’m still pondering. I’m getting ready for the new year on Saturday. How about you?

Monday-lunch leftover spaghetti, dinner-chicken fajitas, pintos and cheese

Tuesday-lunch-Asian slaw with leftover chicken, Dinner-Talipia, baked potatoes  and salad

Wednesday-lunch-homemade pizza rolls and leftover salad, Dinner-Freezer manicotti, frozen french bread, salad

Thursday-lunch out, kids on their own (maybe leftover pizza rolls), Dinner-Black bean casserole, snowflake quesadillas, tortilla chips and cheese, salad

Friday-lunch-tuna salad wraps and tortilla chips and cheese, Dinner-Teriyaki shrimp kabobs, sesame noodles, zucchini and onions

Saturday-lunch at Nana’s, Dinner-taco soup, chips and shredded cheese

Snacks and Desserts: leftover frozen cookies from the party; popcorn, cheese and crackers

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