Menu Plan 12/19-12/25

I had a horrible night’s sleep with a crackling noise in my left ear. When I woke up, my left side of my face was numb and I had a sore throat. I felt like I was riding in an airplane at the highest elevation possible. I also had a pain inside of my ear canal causing me to walk out of sync. There was a definite equilibrium imbalance.  I had an ear infection just as my husband suspected and I’m on drugs, hoping to feel better soon, just in time for the Christmas holidays.

Our week has been quite unusual with snow and ice days galore. Our children made it to school for two 4 hour days this week. We ate a lot more at home so I had to come up with some quick pantry meals to fill in. We ate everything off our menu plan plus some more. David got whacked by a branch when he was mountain biking. Caleb threw up on me this morning and little Caroline is now sitting up pretty well.

We have two more days of school until Christmas break and the kids are going to be at home a lot more and we’ll need some extra food and goodies to fill in the following weeks to come. I do have a dinner menu for next week, but like this week, it is subject to change according to the weather and who’s sick. I hope everyone gets well and stays well.

Menu Plan

Sunday-lunch at church, leftover pita pizza for dinner

Monday-our kids cookie party was postponed last week -assorted homemade cookies, homemade spinach bites, store bought bagel bites

Tuesday-Asian Honey Chicken, brown rice, stir-fry vegetables, fresh pineapple

Wednesday-Carrabbas Minestrone Soup ( I make mine similar to this, but I will post my recipe soon)-Artisan bread with olive oil dipping sauce

Thursday-Chicken Fingers from Deceptively Delicious Cookbook (I’m reviewing and having a giveaway soon), frozen sweet potatoes, salad, frozen flatbread

Friday-Garlic Shrimp Kabobs, simple sesame noodles, leftover salad, fresh pineapple

Saturday-Chicken Fajitas from Superfoods Cookbook, pico de gallo, pintos and cheese

**Pretzel treats** from pretzel post

Lunches on no school days will be sandwiches and pizza rolls  with homemade the olive oil dough (a new recipe I’m trying out from one of my favorite blog, ourbestbites.

I hope you’re planning ahead for no school days or maybe you’re homeschooling and eat at home everyday. Either way it’s nice to have a plan. Wouldn’t you agree?

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