Menu Plan 11/7-11/13


It’s that time of year when it starts getting chilly and we will be doing more crock pot meal.  I’ll be posting the boiled chicken recipe I use since I won’t be grilling it this next time around.

I didn’t get around to making the sweet potato pound cake, but I might attempt it this weekend since I’m making my sweet potatoes in the oven tonight. I did make the slab apple pie though and it was good, but I’d leave out the bottom crust next time, because I really didn’t taste it much. We just love the apple crisp (our standby recipe).

Here’s the plan for next week.

I’ll bake my potatoes sometime on Saturday for Sunday’s menu.

Sunday-Potato Soup I’m trying a new recipe without the usual chicken broth I add to my recipe. I’ll let you know what I think and I will still post mine, but frugal girl’s sounded really good. I’m going to load it up like she  and serve it with cornbread.

Monday-talipia (grilled if the weather is permissible and pan sautéed in olive oil if not), baked potatoes, spinach salad

Tuesday-Hebrew National hotdogs, with stir-fried peppers and onions, potato skins

Thursday-pantry soup and grilled cheese for hubby and kids (I’m teaching class)

Friday-Baja Chicken Pizza (Kraft recipe on the back of a cheese bag)

Saturday-grilled hamburgers (if weather permits) backup plan is black bean casserole in the freezer.

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