Menu after Spring Break


All I have to say is thank goodness for freezer cooking. After five days in the Bahamas, I’m not in the mood for much cooking. In fact, I haven’t even shopped for my foods class that I teach at CougarKitchen. We’re making a vegetable beef soup in the crock pot with leftover braised beef I froze. I’m teaching my students how to utilize frozen leftovers and we’re learning about crock pots and bread makers. It’s going to be a no fuss meal with homemade bread and soup.

Here’s what we’re eating out of my home freezer. I hope your back into the swing of things if you took a vacation last week :)


Meatball subs, nachos and easy cheese sauce

Image result for cilantro lime chicken

Cilantro Lime Chicken wraps, crock pot black beans

Ranch Cheddar Burgers

Grilled hamburgers, chips, carrots

bbq chicken

Crock pot BBQ chicken and Restaurant baked potatoes


skillet lasagna and salad


I’m due for a larger shopping trip and lengthy freezer cooking session this weekend. Do you need to stock your freezer with meals this weekend?


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