March Reading List


Since I have started teaching high school full time, I’ve had less time to read; imagine that! However I have enjoyed reading Crystal Paynes’s Say Goodbye to Survival Mode and Karen Kingsbury’s Whatever You Grow Up to Be.


I have always been a goal setter, but Crystal inspired me to get back into the specific goals that I want to accomplish in categories, such as personal, family, blogging/business, runnng, scripture memory, etc. She is so inspiring and motivating. My favorite part about saving more  and spending less is to bless others. I particularly love her outlook on giving and helping others. I guess that’s why I am so fond of freezer cooking. I always have a stash of food, whether it’s something small like a loaf of bread or a casserole to bless someone in need. It’s the thought that counts. I highly recommend her book for someone who has never been a goal setter to someone like myself who needs some gentle nudging to get back into the swing of things. Her book has been on my nightstand for a month and it has been an easy read, a chapter at a time. Crystal’s easy outline of creating ways to put order into your chaos will bless you.

My six-year old boy and almost four-year-old girl love Kingbury’s books with vivid colors and fairy tale pictures. The story comes alive with different occupations that children can understand. My son is already imagining himself as a policeman. This book reinforces that any child can be whatever God desires. It blesses me to share story time with my children and visualize what he/she will be when they grow up. Kingbury’s words from the heart of a mother weaves scripture right into my family’s heart through story time.

Reading is a wonderful outlet for myself and my children. I love reading scripture weaved throughout my books.

These books were provided by Booksneeze and all my opinions are my own.

How about you? What are you reading this Spring? We’d love to know what fantastic books you’re bringing into your home.

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