Make Ahead And Freezer Friendly School Breakfast

make ahead breakfast (2)With four kiddos in school, breakfast can get a little crazy and make you want to stock up on commercial cereal when it goes buy one get one free. However, with a little planning and a power hour of freezer cooking, I can create at least three whole foods items for my kids to grab and eat themselves. I’m particularly fond of all these, but you’ll see the world’s easiest boiled eggs {week long shelf life} in my fridge and granola in our pantry every week. They are two staples we never run out of. Lately with blueberry season, I’ve had Starbuck’s blueberry muffins in the freezer for weeks, I’ve added chocolate zucchini bread and just made some fresh crock pot yogurt. Finally, yesterday I made twenty chocolate chip pancakes for my boys because they requested it. I simply tossed a few mini-chocolate chips on my white whole wheat pancakes as they were cooking in the griddle, cooled completely on a cooling rack and flash froze them for convenience. The kids can warm two pancakes for 45 seconds in the microwave without Momma having to crack an egg at 6:30 a.m.  🙂

On most mornings, I mix a protein with the whole grain carb and add some fresh fruit. Try serving breakfast for lunch. These are all lunch box friendly packed in a container. I’m going to share some of my favorite ways to pack lunches in the coming weeks. I’m in preschool, elementary and middle school mode.

I hope you are enjoying a new school year and send your kids off with a fantastic whole foods breakfast to jump start their day. It takes about an hour to make three of these items on the weekend, which can be rotated each morning so you’re never having the same item unless you just happen to have a favorite.

What’s your favorite whole foods breakfast? 


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