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IMG_8912Yes, I tend to go overboard when it comes to my make ahead fetish. I’m the first to admit that I’m obsessed with wholesome food for the week and the only way I can have it without breaking the bank is to make it myself. I would never make all of these delicious items throughout my busy work week so I take advantage of one spare hour at home and make as many items that I can fit in my oven :)

Here was my line up this weekend in one hour. First, I had some whole milk that needed to be used up. We’ve been using some of it for homemade hot chocolate on our Saturday snow day  and I had a half of a gallon left. It is just enough to make my homemade crock pot yogurt. We’ll wake up to a lot of frugal yogurt tomorrow morning.crockpot yogurt

My six-year-old adores cooking with me and I’ve come to appreciate his messy help. He always wears his apron and he’s ready to crack eggs, mix, peel apples or whatever I instruct him to do. What an awesome helper!

We made two crust-less quiche which I adore for breakfast. I made a squash version and spinach mushroom which made a perfect light Sunday dinner and now we have two varieties to warm up for breakfast or take to work for lunches.


IMG_8922 Because I love my Saturday omelette my husband makes, this is my new make ahead way to have a healthy egg breakfast filled with vegetables. I also tried some skinny pumpkin chocolate chip muffins instead of my family’s regular recipe. The dough was a bit thicker and slightly doughier at the end, but they were still quite delicious to be low-fat.


I’ll definitely be trying and possibly tweaking this recipe again. I’ll share the two quiche recipes later this week. I also made a huge Greek salad in a bag to go with our weeknight dinners. It pairs perfectly with homemade Greek dressing.



My son peeled, cored and sliced about seven Rome apples with our favorite gizmo for our favorite apple crisp. My husband asked for one for work on Tuesday and I didn’t want to have any stress on Monday night so I prepped it for the oven. I made sure to toss the apples with lemon juice and cover it with a lid until baking day. I would have made two, but we already had one from last Sunday because I made two then.




You know I like to work smarter and not harder throughout my school work week. Because I teach foods classes five days a week, three times a day, I like to be free from home cooking responsibilities. I hope you’ll check out some of our awesome products we’re creating over at our class blog, Cougar Kitchen. I’m so blessed to be working with students again. I’m really enjoying my new job and and feel like I’m making a difference.

I hope your week is blessed and you take advantage of make ahead meals, too. They sure do come in handy when you need a break from cooking.

Do you make all your meals at once for the week? 

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  1. Renee

    Hey, love your blog. I was wondering if you could give some suggestions on what would be good to stock in a college student/athlete’s freezer? I need ideas for all three meals and this particular student has little to no cooking skills. Thanks!

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