Make Ahead Holiday Meal

I have a confession to make. I don’t recall making a complete holiday meal on my own with all the fixings. In my fourteen years of marriage, I have always made several items to a family meal and feasted at someone’s house. Drum roll please-this year I’m going to make the turkey and all the fixings at my house and have leftovers, which I’m very excited about because I plan on freezing leftovers, of course.

So, I’m in the midst of planning my meal and I have found a few links for you to get prepared also. As I’m pondering over what to make my list becomes very daunting because there is so much hands on cooking and I start thinking about doing it in one day it feels overwhelming. Then I ask myself, why would I do everything in one day. Of course I can make desserts on a different day, which I think we all think of that, but what about the turkey and the stuffing and maybe the mashed potatoes. I’m brewing a plan to make ahead several items, including my turkey and have a less stressful Thanksgiving Day when my family is at home.

My thought is if I’m going to take time to make a feast, why not make a lot and freeze it for another feast!

Here’s what I’m thinking so far.

Turkey  (Wednesday; reheat Thursday)

Homemade Gravy (Thursday)

Mashed potatoes (peel and cut on Wednesday; store in cold water in fridge)

Fresh asparagus (Thursday)

Pumpkin yeast rolls (Thursday)  It yields 4 dozen rolls so I’ll have plenty to freeze for turkey sandwiches for lunches

Cranberry salad (Monday) I’ve got to locate my recipe from my mother-in-law and post it.

Pumpkin pie  with cool whip (Tuesday)

Homemade Ice cream cake for my son’s eighth birthday (Wednesday, leftovers for kids on Thursday)

Now I’ve got a menu and I’m getting all my recipes together to shop for this feast and we’ll supplement next week’s grocery trip with meals from the freezer, of course.

Have you made a menu yet or planned your items around your allowed time?

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