Make Ahead Freezer Cooking Beach Menu


For the past eight years I have planned meals when we go to the beach. It allows the Mom in me to truly be on a vacation by NOT having to worry about ‘What’s for Dinner?”. If you are renting a house, cabin or condo with a kitchen, I highly recommend planning meals while you’re there. It will save you a lot of time, energy and money. I like us to stay on our healthy meal plan and I particularly like using the saved money on our vacation recreation :)

Here’s our line-up meals this week on our beach vacation. You’ll notice I use a lot of the protein from dinner for lunch leftovers. It makes lunch so much easier and more frugal.

Breakfasts {I generally rotate 3-4 available options}:


  • Leftover Burgers and Dogs, pasta salad
  • Southwest Freezer Wraps with leftover Steak Fajita, beans and brown rice
  • Buffalo Chicken Wraps with leftover BBQ chicken
  • Make  Ahead Pizza Bagel Bites for Kiddos, Pineapple Chicken Salad Wraps
  • Leftover Greek Chicken Spinach Salads and Chicken pitas for kiddos
  • Turkey Sandwiches, carrot sticks and chips



Instead of forking out lots of cash for our family to eat out, we’ll be enjoying our meals at the beach house. We’ll have more money and time for making memories because I’ve planned ahead.

 Have you ever made freezer meals for your vacay?

2 thoughts on “Make Ahead Freezer Cooking Beach Menu

  1. Val

    I love to freezer cook for camping. So easy to grab and toss stuff into the cooler. AND no worry about the food going bad since it started out frozen. I try to stack stuff in the order we will eat them. In hopes the stuff at the bottom will stay a little bit frozen over a few days.

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