Make ahead fajitas for dinner/Wraps for Lunch



We recently had awesome chicken fajitas for dinner with this simple make ahead marinade. I like to make this marinade in bulk and freeze four to six quart bags of chicken (depending on how much time and energy I have). I love to add fresh peppers, onions and zucchini in the winter when I can find it. I also add a dash of liquid smoke while I’m grilling the veggies. Sometimes I’ll eat mine without a tortilla because  it’s so delicious. Other times I’ll toss everything on a bed of romaine lettuce and add avocado and salsa.



I found extra large wraps one week and I had these on hand in the freezer. They’re so huge I can wrap all the fajita meat, crock pot black beans and brown rice, cilantro, a handful of cheese and sliced avocado on one tortilla and it will serve two.

IMG_1878You can see the fresh taste stuffed inside. This one half keeps my husband and I full until dinner. I served it with a side of baby carrots, tortilla chips,  and easy cheese sauce which is always requested by my four kiddos.

As you can see a little bit of meat goes along way when you serve it lots of fresh vegetables. I was able to make two lunches for the adults. We had a large wrap to split and two salads with the extra meat and veggie leftover.

Do you stretch dinner into lunches?

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