Freezer Lunch Ideas and Love Notes

It’s time for me to start packin’ those lunches. I pack four to six lunches on a given week day. My two grade-school kids and hubbie teacher all get a lunch box in the a.m. I often pack myself and the other two pre-school age kids to-go lunches when we head to the pool, park or Health Adventure. That’s a lot of lunches and a whole lot of love to go around.

Here are my best tips for:

The method to madness :)
  • I pack at night right after dinner
  • hubbie normally has dinner leftovers he can re-heat
  • kiddos eat a variety of items on a three day rotation
  • I bake two treats/snacks per week and rotate
  • kiddos are allowed to choose one day per week to eat school lunch
  • special days, such as field trips, kiddos receive a special processed snack/treat/candy so they’re not deprived
  • I pack hot lunches on occasion
  • frozen juice box serves as an ice pack
  • frozen muffins/bars/individual bread slices thaw in the lunch box

Here are my some of my favorite freezer snacks/treats:

While you’re showing your love through a homemade lunch (through freezer cooking), why not pack a love note while you’re at it. I keep a small box of printed notes and blank notes for hand-written notes of encouragement. Some days I’ll ask Dad to write a note. And every once in a while I surprise my hubbie with a note in his lunch too.
Freezer cooking is not only time, energy and money-saving; it’s a way to show you care through home baked foods. A double batch of homemade muffins can go a long way if frozen. Twenty-four love actions to be exact.
Time to brainstorm your own list of favorites with your family. Start bakin’ and freezin’ and they’ll love you for it! Don’t forget the lunch note. Click here to access the free ones above. Click on free printable resources to print other fun notes.
How do you show your love in a lunch box?


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  1. Jora

    One thing when your kids get to high school: They are carrying such heavy backpacks that adding anything like a thermos doesn’t work out. (And you DON’T want to pay for a textbook damaged by a leaky thermos.)

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