Lunch Box Tips {Printable Jokes and Coupons}

Packing lunches right after dinner is essential for saving money, time and energy. Let’s face it, who wants get out dinner leftovers out at 6:00 a.m.? Not I, especially if it’s pungent Mexican. Within the two hour time recommended time limit, I’ve got my pyrex or glass dishes out on the counter ready to pack my husband’s leftovers. Occasionally, I’ll pack a hot thermos lunch for the kiddos like this one. Here are some of my lunch box tips using freezer methods:

  • Pack hot items separately in a glass bowl.
  • Pack cold items like the condiments for the pintos and cheese above.
  • Wrap items like, chips, tostadas separately from the main entree. The meal comes together after re-heating.

  • Think individual sizes for toddlers, like the spaghetti and marinara below. This comes in handy when the family is eating a spicy meal and you don’t want to cook a separate meal for the little one. Pull from the freezer and microwave at 50% power for two minutes and then microwave on high up to 2 minutes or until hot.
  • Consider freezing quart size bags of extra cooked pasta for quick lunches for children at home.
  • Be sure to squeeze all the excess air out of bags (these re-heat best when they’re thawed 24 hours) and fill the dishes to the top to prevent freezer burn.
And when you pack a lunch box be sure to pack a little love like this joke:

What do pirates do when they hear music? They shake a little booty! Okay, it’s time to bring a smile to your lunch box recipient with these cute jokes. Print these here, thanks to capcreations. 


Or how about a coupon for your pre-school young grade school kid. Thank you to babalisme for these treat coupons. Click here.


Packing lunches will never be the same if we take time to cook extra, freeze accordingly and send a little love!

What’s your favorite lunch to pack? Have you considered freezer cooking as a way to pack healthy lunches?

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