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Tool: Free Printable Lunchbox Notes

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Imagine yourself as a kid opening your lunchbox to find a sweet note from your mom or dad. I have two lunch goals for my school-age children.

1) Pack a nutritious homemade lunch

I’m able to pack fresh tasty, fun foods using freezer cooking. I bake and freeze an assortment of healthy treats. You can read about some of my favorites here.

2) Offer bits of love and encouragement inside

I like to scour the Internet for free printable resources like the one above to share my love for my kids. It’s always a fun adventure to pack a personal note telling my kids I’m thinking about them. Though it takes a little extra time and effort, I feel it’s worth it! I really do ask my husband to write a note of encouragement every now and then. It throws my kids for a loop and it gives my husband a chance to express his love to the kids. Now that my oldest daughter is in middle school I feel more challenged to look for some more mature notes. I’m just guessing she might think some of the notes are for little kids, but so far I’m including them, but I’m hoping to create some of my own on a random day when I have nothing to do (ha, ha). Please do share any links to more freebies for others or some generic notes without the cutesy messages. Maybe I’m jumping the gun on this one, so please tell me.

Without further due, here are some more fun notes to include in your healthy lunch boxes.



I just packed two of these notes today! Click here for the Vales designs above.

whimsy studios

Fresh picked Whimsy has some adorable ones too. Click here for another set of lunch notes, including a pirate note!

HAPPY HEALTHY LUNCH PACKING! What’s your best advice for packing school lunches?




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