Lunch Box Mini-Pizzas {freezer friendly}

lunchbox pizzas (3)

Have you seen the cost of a store-bought pizza lunchable? There’s no way I’m paying $3-$4 for a processed lunch for four kiddos. NOPE, NO WAY. Instead, I’m making my own whole wheat mini-flatbread crust, speedy pizza sauce, freshly shredded mozzarella cheese and topping it with mini-pepperoni I bought half-price at Wal-Mart.

Two weeks ago I decided to make a bunch of mini-flatbreads for future mini-pizzas. I had plans to pack them in five lunch boxes this week. As I was making our Sunday evening dinner with the flatbreads, I made them all and stuck them into the lunch boxes for the next day.

Right after dinner, while the dishes are out, I go ahead and pack lunches. I allowed the mini-pizzas to cool and pack them into containers like the one above. I wait and pack my daugher’s freezer smoothie the morning of school, but I go ahead and slice carrots and cut them into the cute shapes using this Amazon cutter I bought recently.

I just love having whole foods options for my family’s lunches. This is the same shoe box flatbread recipe here, except the circles are smaller. I use my speedy pizza sauce that I make along with my no-rise whole wheat pizza crust here.

Two very easy recipes that I put together in a large batch create easy homemade mini-pizzas for lunch boxes.

What are your lunch box time-saving tricks or easy recipes?

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