Lunch Box Freezer Smoothies {Strawberry Banana}

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I love having crock pot yogurt on hand to make smoothies and parfaits. Since I’m now packing lunches for five, I thought I might as well implement this idea I’ve had pinned from Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures for a long while. It’s just plain fun to make a bunch of smoothies, some to inhale and others to freeze for lunch boxes. As a bonus, the frozen containers of smoothies make a great ice pack for lunches. They will thaw during the day and be semi-soft by lunch.

I picked up some small round containers at my local Dollar General to try out. I also had a couple square and three of the four ice pop maker containers I purchased from Amazon a year ago {lost the lid for one}. I saw this set for a better price.

Older kids may opt for larger containers, but these are perfect for my three-year-old. I just use what containers I have on hand, but think about the age, lunch serving time and flavors your family. Large containers obviously take longer to thaw and may take longer to thaw for an afternoon snack. It might take a little experimenting at home, too.

Large Batch Strawberry Banana Smoothies


  • 1-16 oz. whole frozen strawberries
  • 4-6 frozen banana halves {I freeze ripe discounted banana halves in a gallon size freezer bag}
  • 1 cup plain or vanilla yogurt {I use homemade crock pot yogurt}
  • 2 tablespoons honey, optional for plain yogurt {I leave out}
  • 1-1/4 cup milk or juice {I use milk to keep it thick}


Add the liquid, yogurt, fruit and honey to blender. Blend until well mixed, stopping and stirring if necessary.


P.S. This doesn’t have to be just a lunch box treat. It can be packed on a picnic, taken to the pool or on a hike and thaw as needed for a cool treat. Or just thaw on the counter for about thirty minutes, give or take depending on size, and serve without the prepping or washing a blender. Sometimes I catch my oldest daughter eating them straight up, frozen, like ice cream.
How will you use your freezer smoothies?

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