Low Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam plus printable

strawberry freezer jam

In less than thirty minutes I prepared a quart of strawberry freezer jam. It’s truly that easy. Have you tried freezer jam? It’s a fresh taste like no other. We’re talking real strawberries, you can see in every bite.

I crush mine by pulsing with a food processer.

Then I pour into a large stock pot with the sugar (I used organic, but any will do). And I add the pectin and boil for a few minutes. Then I skim the foam off the top. Allow it to cool and pour into glass jars or freezer cups.

My friend gave me several rubbermaid cups with lids just perfect for jam. Shhh, she’s going to get one with some homemade bread.

I like this jam much better than store-bought preserved brands. If you’ve never tried it, what do you have to lose? I invested $4: strawberries for .79 a pound, one fruit pectin pouch at .99 (the other was a wal-mart freebie) and 2 cups of sugar.

Low Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam


  • 1 quart of strawberries, processed slightly (about 4 cups give or take)
  • 1 1/2 to 2 cups sugar
  • 2 packets Ball classic pectin or low sugar pectin
  • freezer containers


  1. Wash and stem berries, process slightly to desired consistency in a food processer
  2. Add berries and sugar to a large stock pot. Bring to a boil.
  3. Add fruit pectin and boil for two minutes stirring continously.
  4. Remove from heat. Skim top if desired.
  5. Cool and ladle into small canning jars or plastic freezer containers.
  6. Freeze until ready to use.
  7. Thaw overnight in refrigerator before serving.
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P.S. You can actually make this even quicker without boiling with Ball Instant Fruit Pectin, which I’ll be buying next time. I just had the regular pouch on hand and bought another to keep it consistent.

How do I serve this unbelievable fresh burst of flavor?

Cheesecake style, of course! I love it on top of a whole wheat bagel, a bagel thin is even better. First, I spread a thin layer of light cream cheese and smother it with this jam. Cheesecake heaven for breakfast. And it’s just as good the the same way on my freezer waffles. Or sandwiched between peanut butter and bread.

We’re enjoying strawberry season all year long, when I make another run that is. When the berries are in season and the price is right, it’s time to make freezer jam. Or when you’ve over bought or your berries are less than perfect, think jam. Try different varieties. I’m definitely going for peach and blackberry this summer.

And how about a cute free printable to stick on your gift? Click here for this adorable one from Creature Comforts.


What kind of freezer jam will you make?

7 thoughts on “Low Sugar Strawberry Freezer Jam plus printable

  1. Margot

    Hi Jackie!

    That looks so incredibly delicious; I could munch that bagel right through my computer screen. Is there any way to lessen the sugar amount or use a substitute such as Stevia? I am wondering because I haven’t eaten sugar in years.

    Thank you so much.

    Margot Liebenthal

    1. admin

      you can use either, no boiling with instant (even easier). I’m not sure about the taste and consistency because I’ve never tried

  2. Mary Lou Sumberg

    For Margot,

    With Pomona’s Universal Pectincan you can make freezer jam or regular jam with low amounts of any sweetener, including stevia. It is formulated to jell in the presence of calcium, which comes with the pectin — so you are in complete control of the sweetener. It contains no sugar or preservatives and is available at many natural food stores, including Whole Foods. You can learn more and purchyase at our website: http://www.pomonapectin.com. Hope this helps.

    Mary Lou Sumberg, Partner

    Pomona’s Pectin, a small family-owned business

  3. Skirnir Hamilton

    One can make strawberry freezer jam with pectin using splenda? Would that really work? I tried making a low sugar jelly once and never could get it to gel.

    1. admin

      I bet stevia would work, I haven’t used an artificial sweetener, you’d have to google. They’re a little harder to work with for recipes unless it’s been tested. There’s xytol too

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