Look Who Else Loves Fishing

caleb1My 8-year-old son caught his largest fish yet from his own kayak and fishing pole. Take a look at what he reeled in on his own. My awesome husband took him along for a paddle in his kayak. He attached my son’s kayak to his with a rope so he wouldn’t get too far away;) About an hour on the lake, this is what tugged at his line. My husband thought he was hung on a log with him, but nope, he wasn’t.

caleb3Here’s what he is missing on screens. I love it when my kiddos get away and enjoy God’s creation. It looks like he’s liking this a little more than screens.


Wow, Iphones are handy to make memories like this one. Thank you to my wonderful husband for taking our youngest son to experience fishing from a kayak. We’re blessed to live near a lake and own kayaks. We’re blessed our son enjoys fishing and hanging out with Dad.

Do you enjoy kayaking?

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