Local Beef

IMG_0765After having the flu and not eating for two days, I noticed my need for nutrients. Ironically, I’ve been teaching about nutrients in class and this was real testimony to my students. I managed to eat some carbs the third day into my illness, but it wasn’t cutting it. I was yearning for a real hamburger and that is so rare for me. So our family ventured out to our local Hickory Nut Gap Farm and bought a bulk box of beef. I could have chosen to buy just ground beef, but I got a better rate buying in bulk and everything in the cooler was fresh, never frozen. What grocery store offers this fresh selection at such reasonable prices? I’m pleased to report I’m sinking my teeth into one fresh cheeseburger hoping to restore my health.

We’ll enjoy this fresh local meat for a few months since I tend to get two meals out of a roast. We also eat red meat sparingly.


Do you buy local meat?

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