Loaded Chicken FajitaTostada



Flatten Your Next Taco

Sometimes Mexican has to be more interesting. Consider this a flattened version of a chicken taco. It’s basically all the same ingredients you love on a taco, only flatter and easier to eat in my opinion. They sell these flat crunchy corn tostadas in the tortilla section. My kids love them because it’s like an oversized nacho. You could tell them you’re having Mexican pizza if you have pizza lovers. Whatever you decide to call your creation is fine by me. You’re totally free to customize it the way your family desires.

Here’s how we layer ours:

Now that’s what I’m talking about. Loaded to the max! We grill a lot of marinated fajita chicken at one time and save some for convenience chicken for future meals like wraps, salads and soups. I’m freezing extra chicken and peppers and onions for future chicken fajita soup this weekend (recipe coming tomorrow).
Try flattening your next taco and see how your family likes it! What’s your favorite way to eat a taco?





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