Let’s Talk Turkey Leftovers




Some of us LOVE leftovers more than once. Others like myself, enjoy one round and we’re done with this big bird. What do you do with your holiday leftovers, specifically the dark turkey bits and bites? For starters, always make turkey stock with the carcass after you’ve cleaned every bit of meat you can find with your fingers. Yes, every nook and cranny holds a dark or white morsel for soup or enchiladas, where it’s disguised as a brand new entree.

Here’s an easy crock pot (fix-it and forget-it) stock recipe for you to start while the dishwasher runs.

Use your noodle and make Turkey Noodle Soup with your stock and leftover turkey. You already have flavorful broth with celery and carrots, the perfect pair for soup, throw some shredded turkey and egg noodles in and voila soup is done. It’s just like chicken noodle and you don’t have to tell your family unless you want to:)

If you’re looking for something a little different, but still on the hearty soup side, Turkey Fajita Soup is just right for you. It’s got a mexican flavor for taste buds crying out for something different. It’s made in the crock pot and will be ready by the time you get home from Black Friday shopping.

Since we’re Mexican lovers around here, this is a family favorite: Turkey Enchiladas. The homemade enchilada sauce and cinantro makes it stand out above the rest. No can soup in this recipe!


We also love tostadas. Load yours with leftover turkey. Will your family recognize leftovers?

We can’t leave out Italian lovers. We use leftover turkey for homemade pizza on no rise whole wheat pizza crust.

Turkey Braid is an American way to create something you love using your family’s favorite vegetables with cheese. It’s like a mega homemade hot pocket.

No matter how you decide to utilize your leftovers, don’t forget to allow it cool no longer than two hours, bag it in quart size bags with a little broth/stock (air squeezed out) and freeze it for future meals like the ones above. You’ll be grateful you did. What if you didn’t bake a turkey? Well, there’s still time and sales for you to bake one and freeze the meat for your favorite weekday meals.

What’s your favorite way to use turkey leftovers?


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