Last Freezer Cooking Class-Week 6

This is our last freezer cooking class together. We have a bonus class with freebies sponsored by Philly Cooking cream: bamboo wooden spoon, magnetic grocery pad, refrigerator magnet and a coupon for free philly cooking cream. You don’t want to miss this fun class, (we’ll have nachos with philly cream) and we’ll make a freezer casserole or two, but you have to RSVP this week by commenting below. I only have about 5 confirmations and I have 16 philly cream coupons and I can’t make 16 casseroles by myself–or can I? Seriously, I’d love for you to come and join us even if you haven’t been coming to all the classes or you just want to try out one to see if you’d like to take it next semester.

For this week’s class you will need the following supplies: hand mixer, bowl, spoon and cookie scoop to make whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. Choose Eagle Mills whole wheat blend or white wheat flour and unbleached all purpose flour. Make sure you bring all the cookie ingredients to make these in class and scoop into our 9×13 pans for you to take home and freeze.

We’re also making Artisan dough with olive oil or canola oil. Again, you choose your flour and bring along a plastic shoe box. Last, but definitely not the least, I will be giving away my favorite cookbook, I’ve been blogging about for months–Healthy Bread In 5 minutes.

We’ll be discussing how to freeze purees and dry goods and demonstrating how use your Artisan dough you made in class. I hope to see everyone here for our final class and our bonus class. Don’t forget to comment below if you are coming to the bonus class.  Have a blessed weekend.

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