Last Day of Packing Potato (LOVE) at Manna Food Bank


A happy ending to our last Monday packing potatoes at Manna Food Bank. It’s just like God to provide a few heart-warming potatoes in our summer journey. We walk in on our last hoping that there we no potatoes in the large sacks, but we were wrong. Thankfully, they weren’t as rotten as the last batch that were donated. This made my kiddos quite happy. So we dove into our poatoes, eagerly looking for the bottom of the bag. In the meantime, we find some intersting shapes. Like I said earlier, humor makes a heart happy and volunteering more fun :0

How about a pee wee potato?


Or better yet, a snail?

IMG_4563 (1)

Before we knew it our last 3 hour shift of the summer was over. It’s back to school for David and I next Monday and the kiddos go back the following Monday.

We’ve said it all along and we’ll say it again, “Packing potatoes has kept us humble.”


Voluntering has been the BEST activity of the summer. It’s not like going to Dollywood, Six Flags, Carowinds, swimming, bowling, cooking, partying, camping or any other activity my kids experienced this summer. It’s an event that will be remembered differently for years to come. The bottom of the bag never looked so good.

IMG_1531They’ll remember the special education friend they made and Caleb will definitely remember his older “girlfriend.” My oldest will never forget the stench of the slimy potatoes. And this momma will never forget the impact that it continues to make on my children. Yes, sign us up again next summer. We’ll have our gloves ready!



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