Kids Will Play While Momma’s Away: Recipe Ideas

While Momma was away at the Woman to Woman Conference in Hickory enjoying Lisa Whelchel, my four kiddos were in good hands. I left a little “mini” menu plan for Friday and Saturday for my husband to know what to cook without having to think about it. I’ve done this before, but I thought it would be helpful for you to see how I have a strategic plan in place. If we know it’s difficult for a momma at six o’clock to get dinner on the table, imagine a husband with four hungry kids or five. My son had a friend over, too. Okay, don’t imagine…just glance at what I had planned and take some notes if you like.

Crock Pot Pizza, apple slices (I had this going before I left for the conference. Hubby just sliced apples and served hot). Easier than going out for Little Caesars, and healthier too. I rented a movie and he made homemade kettle corn later.

Convenience Cinnamon Rolls, eggs (I made the rolls ahead of time in the pan ready to go, I even made the icing because my 9-year-old requested it)

Lunch-out to eat (I heard they went to Fun Depot and Chick-Fil-A)

Grilled Turkey cheese burgers, grilled potato wedges, salad (I got back in time to enjoy this meal with them; I had the potatoes baked from Thursday night and it grilled golden brown quickly).

I know this sounds A-type, but I want to be able to attend other conferences without my husband fretting over each meal. This keeps his sanity and makes me smile when says, “It went great.” (That means I can go on another conference).

Do you ever meal plan for your husband?


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