Kashi Chocolate Squares verses homemade brownies {Giveaway} Closed

Are you into sneaky baking like me? It was a pleasure to try these new Kashi Chocolate soft baked squares. They reminded me of my crock pot brownies. However, these were packed with some other sneaky goodies, like sweet potatoes and black beans and you couldn’t even taste them. My younger toddlers ate them right up and didn’t think twice when I removed them from the wrapper. Wrappers are rare around our house :) The older two  noticed a slightly different texture and my oldest son decided to read the ingredient list while he was at school. I was busted.


Personally, I would purchase these again because they are a healthy alternative to homemade and they taste very similar. I like that they contain no preservatives, hydrogenated oils and other unhealthy junk that most desserts contain. I love the soft texture and hidden nutrition. I’ve been a huge fan of Kashi for years and I continue to support their products. You can become a facebook fan here.

Kashi and Moms Meet are partnering together to give you a chance to win a lunch tote, plus two vouchers for free Kashi products. Giveaway prizes are for U.S. residents only.

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10 thoughts on “Kashi Chocolate Squares verses homemade brownies {Giveaway} Closed

  1. Kim

    Just wanted to tell you that I LOVE your blog! I have tried many other menu plans, paid subscriptions to meal planning sites, etc & I like yours best! Real, fresh, normal foods that my kids will eat, & making extra to freeze or share has been life-changing! Please keep it up:)!!!



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