I’m NOT on a cruise anymore

IMG_0446I am back from my 20-year anniversary cruise, though I think my mind is still a few steps behind. Today I passed by my son’s school road, turned around and missed it again. The third time is always a charm;) So my excuse is the praise and worship music was distracting me. I actually turned it down after I missed the road twice.

I can’t express how relaxing and wonderful our cruise was without children. I love my four kiddos, but I loved having a celebration without them.

IMG_0204The food was fantastic, especially the dining room service and having the blessing of being waited on hand and foot.

Need I say more?

IMG_0285I spent five glorious days of quality time with my best friend and husband of twenty years. I call it the best first cruise ever.

I promise to get back on the blog track and start posting my favorite freezer meals really soon. How was your Spring Break?


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